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Utilities for use with Double Dos.
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Utilities for use with Double Dos.
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FLIPSTAT.COM 274 207 deflated
HERESTAT.ASM 2695 767 deflated
HERESTAT.COM 334 244 deflated
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RESUME.COM 108 106 deflated
SEND.ASM 8700 2200 deflated
SEND.COM 867 551 deflated
SUSPEND.ASM 1146 416 deflated
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SWITCH.ASM 1128 407 deflated
SWITCH.COM 100 98 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the DDOS_AID.DOC file

DDOS_AID - by Chris M. Magyar - 12/19/85 Update

Here are a few utilities I wrote that may be of use to those of you who
use DoubleDOS. SWITCH.ASM is a simplified version of the program supplied
with your DoubleDOS distribution disk.

The following files should be included with this ARChive:

1 DDOS_AID.DOC - This File

2 DOUBLEDO.EQU - DoubleDOS interrupts in Equate form for easy ASM
programming. With descriptions.

3 SWITCH .COM - Performs unconditional task switch.

5 SUSPEND .COM - Suspends the Invisible partition.

7 RESUME .COM - Resumes the Invisible partition.

9 HERESTAT.COM - Display Status, Task Number, and return the Status
10 HERESTAT.ASM in the form of an ERRORLEVEL

11 FLIPSTAT.COM - Display Status of Invisible (FlipSide) partition.
12 FLIPSTAT.ASM return status in ERRORLEVEL

13 SEND .COM - Send a charachter string (followed by a CR) to
14 SEND .ASM the other partition. Handles various error
conditions such as keyboard buffer overflow,
nul input, and suspended partitions. See SEND.ASM
for additional info.

These utilities help to round out the DoubleDOS multi-tasking program by
adding BATCH level control over the partitions. SEND is probably the most
useful program, allowing distributed processing. The various supplemental
utilities further enhance control.

I ask for no contributions, but if you decide to improve/add to these
routines, please upload a copy to my BBS (Fido).

Chris Magyar, Sysop
Germantown Programmer's Exchange
(301) 428-3418

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