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CNTDWN Program Documentation, May, 1989

CNTDWN is Copyright 1989 Kenneth Kletzien.

CNTDWN is a DESQview-specific program that will simply count down
the amount of time specified and then exit. On exit, it will sound a short
"alarm." Since DESQview API calls are used, it will run in the background
without degrading performance significantly.

USAGE: cntdwn [O][Q][E] [[hh:]mm:]ss

Q invokes the "quiet" option, disabling the alarm on exit.

E invokes the "escape" option, allowing premature exit of the program if
the escape key is pressed (while the window is in the foreground). Running
with the "E" option will rob more processor time than without. Without the
"E" option, the only way to terminate the program prematurely is to close its
DESQview window. The DOS ERRORLEVEL is set to 1 when exit from CNTDWN is
caused by pressing the escape key.

Normally, CNTDWN "wakes up" to update its display once every second. Use of
the "O" option ("Optimized") puts the program to sleep for the entire time
specified, eliminating display updates.

If you enter a number greater than 59 for minutes or seconds (mm:ss),
CNTDWN will accept and count down from that number. However, both minutes
and seconds will always "turn over" from 00 to 59.

Examples: cntdwn 10 counts down 10 seconds and sounds alarm

cntdwn Q 10 counts down 10 seconds and exits (quietly)

cntdwn E 1:30 counts down 1.5 minutes and sounds alarm
(may be interrupted by escape key)

cntdwn 24:00:00 counts down 24 hours and sounds alarm

cntdwn QE 30:00 counts down 30 minutes and exits (quietly)
(may be interrupted by escape key)

batch file to ring alarm continuously after time expired until escape
is pressed:

cntdwn %1
cntdwn e 0


There is no warranty of any kind with CNTDWN and the copyright
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may occur due to use of this software. By using CNTDWN you agree
to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use CNTDWN.


The copyright holder licenses you to copy and distribute CNTDWN.COM and
CNTDWN.DOC for yourself and others for non-commercial purposes, provided
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The copyright holder licenses you to use CNTDWN for non-commercial purposes
on a single machine. License for use for business purposes is granted
upon receipt of $5.00 per copy used or distributed. Send license fees to:

Kenneth Kletzien
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This document Copyright 1989, Kenneth Kletzien.