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Back & Forth Professional version 2.02 Disk 1 of 6.
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Back & Forth Professional version 2.02 Disk 1 of 6.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Back & Forth Professional Test Drive


The version of Back & Forth Professional you have just downloaded is
a test drive version of the program. The only differences between the
registered and shareware versions are:

1) 5 second annoyance screen everytime the program is started,
2) Total swap space is limited to 2,400k; this should be enough for 3 full
3) No voice support for non-registered users.

** Important NOTE **

The mentioned INSTALL program in the manual is ONLY with the registred
version and evaluation copies obtained directly from us! The INSTALL
program does nothing more than execute the self-extracting EXE files.


Please follow the following steps:

1) Print out BNFPRO.DOC,
3) Read the manual!

If you have any installation questions, please don't hesitate to contact
us on CIS in the Zenith Forum, message section 13 or at one of our BBSs.
We do NOT offer voice support to NON registered users.


Shane Stump
CIS #76702,1360

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