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Output of file : ATIBMCNV.TXT contained in archive : AT2IBM.ZIP
AT2IBMCNV.ARC contains 2 utilities for folks who own both 8bit Atari
and IBM-PC and compatible computers.

AT2IBM.EXE - Convert an Atari ASCII (ATASCII) file to an IBM compatible
text file, such as LISTed BASIC programs, Matt*Edit files, LISTed Mac/65
assembly source files, and so on. You can specify the input atari file on
the command line, or be prompted for it:


The above will invoke the ATASCII to ASCII converter for the Atari format
file called CODE.LST. The output file will be: CODE.ITX, for IBM Text

IBM2AT.EXE - Convert a standard PC ASCII text file to an Atari ASCII
format, before you send it to your 8bit Atari for editing in Matt*Edit,
Atariwriter, or converting an IBM BASIC program to Atari BASIC.


The above will invoke the IBM ASCII to ATASCII converter for the IBM ASCII
format file called DATA.TXT. The output file will be: DATA.ATX, for Atari
TEXT format.


The programs were written with Microsoft C 4.0, and recently recompiled
with version 5.1. The source code is included in the archive: AT2IBM.C
and IBM2AT.C. Feel free to modify these, copy them for friends, put them
on ANY BBS IN THE USA - I only ask that you leave my credits in tact.
Outside of leaving my credits in place, the software may be considered
PUBLIC DOMAIN. If you PAID money for this, I didn't collect it.

You want to connect your 8bit Atari directly to the IBM PC? Here's a
short tutorial on the subject:

You'll need a 9pin MALE D-TYPE connector for the 850 interface, and a
25pin MALE D-TYPE (RS232 standard) connector for your IBM PC. Your
connection list is as follows:

9pin conn. 25pin conn.
3 TXD ----->---- 3 RXD
4 RXD -----<---- 2 TXD
5 GND ----><---- 7 GND
2 CRX -----<---- 20 DTR
1 DTR ----->---- 8 CRX

(The above cable connections are valid for the Atari ST to 8bit too!)
To send FROM your PC TO the 8bit, using XMODEM, get the 8bit ready to
'R'eceive XMODEM. Once the 8bit is WAITING to receive, then set up the
SEND from the PC, via XMODEM, to the 8bit. Just reverse this scenario for
shipping files in the opposite direction. There are lots of utilities
around for converting from ATASCII to ASCII and back (converting Atari's
155 carriage returns to PC's 13/10, carriage return/line feed, and back).
If you need such converters I have some I wrote for the PC. (Of course,
if your 8bit is on line with your PC in ASCII, you can CAPTURE files or
UPLOAD ASCII files, and let the 850 interface do this translation for
you.) By the way, both your PC and Atari should be in HALF DUPLEX.

Ratware Softworks
CompuServe PPN: 76703,1077
Delphi: MATRAT

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Archive   : AT2IBM.ZIP

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