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ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÜÄ Quarterdeck Office Systems

April 14th, 1994

QEMM Patch for version 7.03 dated 11/17/93.

This patchfile implements fixes to QEMM version 7.03. This patch will
work ONLY on QEMM version 7.03. The date on the QEMM386.SYS file (in
your QEMM directory) should be 11/17/93. If the date on this file is
earlier or later than 11/17/93, you do not need this patch.

Patch files are available to change QEMM version 7.01 to QEMM 7.04,
and to change version 7.02 to 7.04, probably in the same place that you
acquired this file, and typically under the filenames 701TO704.ZIP and

This patch should be applied by copying the files which should accompany
RUNME.BAT) into your QEMM directory, and then typing


After the patch has been successfully applied, you may delete the
following files (if any still exist) from your QEMM directory:

README.704 (this file)

The following enhancements and changes have been made in the QEMM 7.04

1) QEMM's DOS-Up feature has been enhanced to work more easily with Novell DOS
7 and DR DOS 6, and to eliminate incompatibilies with Novell DOS 7. See the
technotes NOVELL7.TEC and DRDOS6.TEC (included with QEMM 7.04) for more

2) The Stealth ROM feature has been enhanced so that EXCLUDE and
STEALTHEXCLUDE parameters will no longer be needed for some video BIOSes,
including those on video cards with S3 chip sets.

3) QEMM has been enhanced for greater compatibility with some IBM ThinkPad
systems. Formerly, these systems needed the XBDA:L parameter to work well
with QEMM.

4) QEMM will now load successfully on old Compaq Portable 386 systems.

5) QEMM and its associated programs have been enhanced to increase
compatibility with DR DOS/Stacker systems.

6) Both QEMM and QDPMI have been enhanced to work around problems with
Microfocus COBOL.

7) QEMM now provides support for the DESQview/X 2.0 display server to increase
its speed when it uses VESA display modes.

8) QEMM can now manage up to 256 megabytes of memory.

9) The LOADHI programs will properly handle situations in which QEMM is not
loaded. LOADHI.SYS has also been enhanced to be compatible with more block
device drivers.

10) Optimize has been enhanced to work around problems with some ASPI disk
drivers. Cache-flushing routines on Stacker and DoubleSpace systems have been
improved, and problems with read-only configuration files and with the
Optimize /EMM switch have been resolved.

11) Manifest has been enhanced to improve reporting of video adapters, Pentium
timings and benchmarks, baud rate, Novell DOS 7 internals, and QEMM overhead.
Manifest's CONFIG and AUTOEXEC screens should now be compatible with all patch
levels of DR DOS 6.

12) Stealth DoubleSpace has been enhanced to eliminate problems with making
certain DoubleSpace calls from within a Microsoft Windows 386 enhanced mode

*These files may be copied and distributed freely as long as they are *
*distributed together, in their entirety, and not distributed for profit.*
* Copyright (C) 1994 by Quarterdeck Office Systems *
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Archive   : 703TO704.ZIP
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