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March 1991

This software is a demonstration of Superscape Virtual Reality
software specifically produced for PC compatible VGA systems.

It should be noted that complete Virtual Reality Solution Systems
are superior to this demonstration in respect of screen resolution,
degree of detail, control interface and speed of screen update.
This demonstration will, however, allow an insight into the
possibilities and experiences of interacting within a virtual

System required - IBM PC or compatible with VGA (386 or 486
recommended). Mouse optional.

Insert the disk into the current drive and type


The software will now load and run. A key press will bypass the
initial loading and text screens once loading is complete.

This demonstration will allow you to interact in real time within a
small environment or "virtual world". When the demonstration has
loaded, use the "O" key to move your viewpoint forwards into the
environment, the "Q" key to turn your view to the left and the "W"
key to turn to the right. These keys, and others as detailed
below, may be used to view, explore and alter locations and objects
within the virtual world.

Viewpoint Keys
Q Look left P Look up
W Look right L Look down
N Tilt view left Kpad Home,7 Face forward
M Tilt view right U U-turn

O Move view forward J Move view right
K Move view backward R Move view up
H Move view left F Move view down

Viewpoint Options (then use Viewpoint Keys to move)
F1 Outside viewpoint. Looking into industrial park.
F2 Outside viewpoint. Low position.
F3 Inside view of simple office.
F4 Overhead view of entire industrial park.

Control Object Keys (when controlling an object - keys F5 to F9)
Up Arrow,Kpad 8 Accelerate object
Down Arrow,Kpad 2 Decelerate object
Left Arrow,Kpad 4 Turn object left
Right Arrow,Kpad 6 Turn object right
Kpad - Make object ascend vertically
Kpad + Make object descend vertically
Kpad 9 Pitch object up
Kpad 3 Pitch object down
Kpad 0 Brake object to stop
A Re-enable auto route (red car only)

Control Object Options (then use: Control Object Keys to control
---------------------- object, Viewpoint Keys to move viewpoint)
F5 Control Superscape man (rear, overhead view).
F6 Control red car (view from inside car).
F7 Control red car (overhead view).
F8 Control blue car (rear, overhead view).
F9 Control helicopter (side view).

F10 Resets all objects to their original positions.
Your viewpoint defaults to that on key F1.

Miscellaneous keys
I Information on most commonly used keys
D Cycle detail level (less detail, but faster screen update)
B Buffer clear/horizon on/off
V Mouse on/off (install mouse driver before loading demo)
S Change step size for viewpoint movement (shown on screen)
T Change turning step size (shown on screen)
> Zoom in
< Zoom out
X X rotation lock on/off (when controlling an object)
Y Y rotation lock on/off ( " " " " )
Z Z rotation lock on/off ( " " " " )
BACKSPACE Pause (any key to restart)
SHIFT + F1-F9 Save current viewpoint and any controlled object
to function key
ESC Exit to DOS

Activate Object
Place mouse pointer over object and click left mouse button (or
key pad *). Some of the active objects include:
Superscape man's head and legs
Radioactive source (initially inside office)
Computer in office (switch on side)
Office doors and chair

This program is public domain. Free distribution is permitted and
encouraged. This software and accompanying documentation relative
thereto is supplied by Dimension International as proprietors of
all Intellectual Property Rights therein and may only be duplicated
and freely distributed provided no charge is made and the software
thereon is not altered or detached in any way. Public display is

New Dimension International Ltd
Zephyr One
Calleva Park

UK Tel: (0734) 810077 International: + 44 734 810077
Fax: (0734) 816940 Fax: + 44 734 816940

We can turn your ideas, plans or products into virtual worlds.
You, your customers, and, in fact, anyone can then walk through and
interact with these environments in real time.

We will supply a complete solution, comprising a customised 486 IBM
PC compatible, with a high resolution display and a six axis
controller which will alleviate the need for many of the keyboard
functions. It will also include the Superscape software running
your virtual world to your specifications.

The potential uses of these solutions are many and varied, but
include simulation, visualisation and presentation, for the purpose
of sales, marketing, training etc.

It should again be noted that these solutions are top end,
professional, high resolution systems with considerably enhanced
performance, resolution and detail than this VGA demonstration.

For further information on Superscape Virtual Reality Software and
Solutions, please contact our sales department.

Also available is the 3D benchmark disk, for VGA PC compatibles.
This software has been placed into the public domain to establish a
reference point for comparing the performance of PC compatible VGA

The 3D benchmark is arrived at by timing one cycle of a continuous
3-dimensional Superscape demonstration and then calculating the
average number of screen updates the computer system has achieved
in one second (frames per second). The higher the benchmark, the
greater the performance.

Please send 2.50 (or US $5) to cover media, postage, handling
etc to our mail order department, specifying the disk size you
require. (Payment by Access/Mastercard and Visa also accepted.)

In simultaneous development, our sister company, Incentive
Software, has created the 3D Construction Kit, which allows you to
build as well as interact within your own virtual world. This
product uses the predecessor to Superscape - the Freescape II
system - and is due for release in April 1991.

UK and European distributor - Domark 081-780-2222
North American rights now available for licence - contact Andy Tait
at Incentive on UK (0734) 817288, International +44 734 817288

SUPERSCAPE is a trademark of Dimension International.

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