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PDS Affordable Multimedia

After many greuling hours, burning the midnight oil, it's finally out. The
affordable multimedia. It requires no extra hardware. All you have to have
is a 386 or better computer, with VGA. We do recommend that the minimum
requirement be a 386-25. Slower machines just don't cut it. The video
displays in a 160x100 user-definable viewing position, with 64 levels of
gray. If you need help just type PLAY, and return, a help screen will
appear. What you see on the screen is smooth, pixel free animation. Our
major concern in developing this product, was calarity, and frame motion.
The compression algorithm is broken into two catagories: Standard
compression and extended compression. Both algorithms, use a no-loss
technique. Standard compression gives us about a 30% better compression
rate than .GIF, or .ZIP. Extended compression gives us an additional 20-
50% over what we already have, but this takes us about 3-5 hours per minute
of finished video, on a 486-50. (Computers are still too slow!). But for
a no-loss algorithm, that can display instantaneously, it's impressive!
This is our first released version. Please feel free to distribute it, and
may the whole world see video, with no special hardware.


-pfilename[.PCX] .PCX graphics file loaded before video. Do not use
the first 64 colors in the palette, since they will be
changed for the video. Also, the border disappears when
using this option, so you will have to design your own.
-tfilename[.TXT] .TXT text file for quick and dirty text displays. Your
screen limitation is 40x24, and you can use the video
position option to make more text room available.
-vx,y Video position, x = 0-319, y = 0-199.

Additional keys that work during play:

1-9 Changes the speed of the video. 6-9 do not work with extended
5,P Play
S Stop, any key to continue

If you want to run the video under Windows, using a .PIF file or the run
command, you must first run Windows in standard mode, i.e. win /s.
In the .PIF file the program to run is '', and the additional
parameters, will be '/c play [filename]'.

For additional information, or for a free demo, please contact:

Professional Data Systems
1200 Woodruff Rd. Suite G-1
Greenville, SC 29607
Bus: (803)288-6887
Fax: (803)288-5680
BBS: (803)288-6488

Distribution Centers:

Casey Sprangel
BBS: (918)492-9186

Some computers (e.g. Quadtel Corp. 386-25) tend to hang while playing the
video clip. To fix this problem, turn your shadow off. You can do this
by either using BIOS, or in your CONFIG.SYS file use:

device = c:\dos\himem.sys /shadowram:off

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Archive   : OZ2PDS.ZIP
Filename : PLAY.DOC

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