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WARNING!!! This demo REQUIRES a 386 machine, VGA, 1 meg of EMS memory,
and an Adlib or Roland compatible sound card.

This demo was written by John W. Ratcliff and Mark Glaenzer. The next
time someone wants to tell you how crappy low res VGA is, just show them
this demo.

Everything you see in this demo was completely computer generated, the
mountains and clouds were fractally generated, and painfully rendered
with Mark Glaenzer's GRAYRAY program.

Type 'DEMO' to run the FlyBy animation. The first time you run it
you will be asked what kind of sound capabilities you have. Press
ESC to exit the FlyBy animation.

You can try 3 different playback speeds by pressing the SPACEBAR. The
animation starts at 18 frames per second, press the SPACEBAR and it will
go down to 9 frames per second, press the SPACEBAR again and it will
play the animation as fast as your machine is capable, with an upper
limit of 60 times per second. (Any faster and you just wouldn't be able
to see anything anyway.)

This program uses customized 386 code, and is optimized for VGA. You
should see good performance even on a slow 386sx, with a slow VGA card.

If you have a lot of EMS memory in your machine you might be interested
in ordering the full flyby animation. It comes on two high density
floppy disks with over 15 seconds of continuous animation, at 18 frames
per second, and 4 megs of EMS memory. (You can still play it with less
memory, but you might not get the entire animation.)

Please distribute this FlyBy animation as many places as you can. When
Mark and I wrote this animation, our goal was to see how close we could
get to professional workstation type animation, on a standard PC, with
standard VGA. Mark and I are quite proud of it, and hope you enjoy this
graphics goodie.

If you own a Roland or MPU401 compatible sound card you will be amazed
at Rob Wallace's brilliant sound track. The Adlib version of 'Fire
Under the Icehouse' sounds very good as well. Custom Adlib instruments
were created by George Sanger, AKA The Fat Man. You can find out more
about Rob Wallace or The Fat Man's music services by calling THE Audio

To order the full FlyBy animation send a check or money order for $25.00

payable to:

John W. Ratcliff
747 Napa Lane
St. Charles, MO 63304

Please specify high density 5 1/4" or high density 3 1/2" floppies.

The FlyBy animation includes the Fractal mountain drawing program
GRAYRAY. It also includes a demonstration version of MIDPAK and DIGPAK,
which contains over 1 hour of MIDI music for your sound card.

The music in the demo is 'Fire Under the Icehouse' composed by Rob
Wallace. The music is played back using the MIDI music drivers in
MIDPAK. If you are interested in putting music into your own computer
programs, contact THE Audio Solution at (314)-567-0267. MIDPAK is
available for $149 and contains MIDI music drivers for all computer
systems, source code, documentation, utilities, and sample MIDI files.