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Archive   : 92XMAS.ZIP
Filename : INSTALL.TXT

Output of file : INSTALL.TXT contained in archive : 92XMAS.ZIP
Sierra On-Line Game Install/Setup Program
Please type the letter of the hard disk to which you want to install this game, or press ESC to cancel installation.
Please type the letter of the disk drive to which you want to install this game, or press ESC to cancel installation.
Reading files...
Installation complete
Your system does not appear to support this choice:


Do you wish to install it anyway?
Press any key to exit...
Press ENTER to continue or ESC to cancel...
Can't open redirection file for echo command
Press any key to continue...
Press any key to continue...
Can't find input file: %s
Can't create output file: %s
Not enough memory for copy
Copying %s to %s...
Copying %s...
Directory %s found with existing files!

In order to ensure a proper install, please remove all the Sierra files from this directory

Do you wish to continue with install?
No help available for this item.
ENTER to confirm, ESC to re-select
Do you wish to exit Install?
Copyright 1991-92
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
All rights reserved.
This program will let you specify what type of hardware is installed in your machine.

You must run it once before playing your Sierra game. You may want to run it again if you add new hardware to your system or if you are having problems with your first selections.
Accept these choices and begin installation
Accept these choices and save configuration
Restore Sierra default choices
Cancel installation and return to DOS
Installation Choices

If you want to change any of these choices, use %c and %c to highlight the selection, then press ENTER.
Use %c and %c to highlight your choice, then press ENTER to select
Saving configuration...
Error creating configuration file
Press a drive letter %c through %c, or press ESC to cancel
'%c' is not a valid drive letter.
ENTER to accept. Ctrl-C to clear. ESC to go back. F1 for help.
Select the type of joystick you have
Select a graphics adapter from the choices below
Select a music card from the choices below
Select a speech/sound effects card from the choices below.
NOTE: Not all games support speech.
Select which style of keyboard you have
Select whether you will use a mouse
Do you want to use expanded, extended and/or XMS memory?
Use %c, %c and ENTER to select. ESC to go back. F1 for help.
%c = supported by your system
Use Microsoft compatible mouse
Don't use a mouse
Don't use a joystick
Use your machine's extra memory
Don't use extra memory
Sierra games can use your machine's extra memory to speed up play.
Your system appears to have:

%4uK Expanded memory free

%4uK Extended memory free

%4uK XMS memory free

%4uK VRAM memory free

Your system does not appear to have any extra memory.
Write protect error
Not ready error
Press R to retry, or A to abort
Unknown critical error
Press a key to abort
Use cursor keys to scroll. Press Esc or Enter to exit
View documentation update in README file
Documentation Update
If you have not sent in your Sierra Warranty Registration card, \
please take a moment now to fill it out and mail it.

If you live in the continental USA or Canada you will receive a \
free 3 issue subscription to InterAction, the quarterly Sierra \
news magazine which contains valuable coupons, contests, great \
articles, upgrade information, hints on playing Sierra games, \
handy techniques for using our products and much more!

Please be sure to keep all of the documentation included in your \
game package. These documents contain information about \
installing and running the program, instructions for obtaining \
technical assistance, and clues, hints, maps or other potentially \
significant information. Remember: we wouldn't have put it all \
in the box if we didn't think it was important!
Make bootable floppy disk
Press a key to continue or ESC to cancel
Error opening %s
Error writing to %s
Error closing %s
This procedure creates a floppy disk you can use to boot your computer to \
ensure that enough memory is available to run this game.

This procedure will read your current configuration, which may involve \
searching your hard disk to find needed files. Then it will format a floppy \
disk in drive A:, and create appropriate AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files on \
the floppy disk.

Not all systems support this procedure, but trying it can do no harm.
The boot disk was created successfully.

Please label the disk in drive %c: "Sierra Boot Disk".

To use the disk to make sure you have enough memory to run the game, make sure \
the disk is in floppy drive %c:, close the door to the floppy drive, then \
press the Control, Alt and Del keys simultaneously to reboot your computer.
Because you are using SHARE, you should reboot without using the boot disk \
after playing the game
Boot disk was not created

Reading your current configuration--please wait

This game requires %dK of extended memory and your machine does not have enough.
Can't make boot disk since you're not using COMMAND.COM

Searching hard disk for boot disk files--please wait

Can't find %s--unable to make boot disk
Please put a blank disk in drive %c:

This disk must be the same density as the drive. For example, if the drive is \
a 1.2M drive you must use a 1.2M disk; a 360K disk won't work.

Checking floppy disk--please wait

Please close door to drive %c:
Drive does not appear to be a floppy drive
Please replace Install disk in drive %c: with an empty disk

Reading floppy disk--please wait

Error reading floppy drive
WARNING! These files were found on the disk in drive %c:
Use cursor keys to view list. Is it OK to erase these files? (Y/N)
We will now use the DOS FORMAT program to format the disk in drive %c:. \
Please follow the directions on the next screen.
When DOS asks you to insert new diskette for drive %c:, just leave the current
disk in the drive and press ENTER. Do not remove the disk.
When DOS asks you for a volume label, just press ENTER.
When DOS asks you if you want to format another disk, type 'n' and press ENTER.


Checking results of format--please wait

Format was apparently unsuccessful

Writing boot disk files--please wait

This game requires DOS version %d.%02d or higher
This game requires a %s processor or better
Adding %s to %s...
Sierra Boot Disk
Please replace disk in drive %c with the Install disk
Enter directory where game will be installed
Invalid Path Name.

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Archive   : 92XMAS.ZIP
Filename : INSTALL.TXT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: